Friday, August 02, 2013

While I’m writing this it’s outside super hot ! I’m trying not to leave the house but it’s mission impossible to stay in for a whole day. The city where I’m living hit the record as the hottest city in my country and from what I heard this year is even hotter from the past years…. :( It sucks ! I’m absolutely more spring kind of a person, I like all that warm and lovely weather perfect for cardigans, flats, dresses, etc. PERFECTION ! What is it like the weather in your city ?

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  1. It is super hot in France too ! :)

  2. I love summer, sadly in Latvia it always is so short, and the temperature is very rarely over +30. Therefore I always appreciate when it's hot outside, because winters in Latvia are ridiculously cold!

  3. Sovražim to vročino, prav z muko zapuščam dom vsak dan :S

  4. I don't know where you live, but here in Spain is soooo hot too! I'm in the beach and in the swimming-pool all day!

    Mónica <3

  5. Its winter here now, but were having a really mind one this year, daytime temperatures of about 8-15 degrees.