New Year– New Me

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


yay !! It’s here !! 2013 it’s here ! Can you believe it ? Everything goes so fast ! Its crazy. But anyway here we are in magical 2013. Usually number 13 isn't really well known as a lucky number but I hope this time will be a little exception. I wish you all the best ! I love you all and I hope this year will be even better for you all than it was in 2012. I know how everyone are trying to make changes in their life in this part of the year… you know new year's resolutions and stuff… Well I don’t believe in those things, I think if you really want to make changes you don’t have to wait end of the year… Just do it ! :) But if you look from another side… Yes you can take this New Year as new beginning, so why not to come up with new resolutions. I’m even thinking about creating a shorter list and share it here with you. Maybe I should but lets try this some another time. Why ? Because today I'm here to tell you something else, something you probably already noticed if you are my regular reader. And that would be ?? New design of my blog ! yay ! Finally !! I was such a good girl that I spent last few days of my holidays doing this! Now lets take a look on before and after photos :)



Before  :



After{yes, you could just look at my blog to see how it looks now, but this was more fun to do (: :


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